We Made a Book Lamp

I met Erin at Creative Mornings Atlanta this summer. It was quickly established that we share a love for stationary, vintage decor and witty comebacks. Knowing Nick and I like to do projects, she sent me a photo of a lamp made out of books and asked if we might be able to help her make it. So, a couple of weeks ago, she came over for a spaghetti dinner and lamp-making workshop. It was great fun!

We followed an HGTV tutorial here. Check out a few shots from the workshop:

If you are having trouble finding interesting vintage books, hit up thrift stores and antique shops. Old Reader's Digest books have the best, patterned hardback designs. If all else fails, look on Ebay.

The supplies! For a complete list, reference HGTV's tutorial (linked above).

Ready to go!

It's all about an artful arrangement!

I know a few book lover friends that are going to cringe at this photo! We used a drill press, but the HGTV tutorial (linked above) has instructions for a standard drill.

Nick cut out a "channel" of sorts with a box cutter to allow room for the cord while the book remains closed and flat.

Almost there!

You may notice the lamp kit started out a bright brass color. We decided to spray paint it with oil rubbed bronze to give the lamp a more old-timey look. Notice how it maintains a metallic shimmer? I will always choose oil rubbed bronze over flat black spray paint. It's seriously magic in a can.

Et voila! So much fun! We need to do this again, Erin!

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