A Very Vintage Christmas, Room by Room- The Living Room

Whether you are looking for some vintage inspiration to deck your living room in holiday cheer or simply needing ideas for gifts, this vintage living room captures the essence to a laid-back mid-century modest space. 

As I mentioned in my vintage kitchen Christmas post"You can go a number of routes when crafting vintage Christmas decor for your home. I like to mix flashy pieces from the later fifties and sixties (like tinsel trees or big, outdoor holiday lights) with more rustic, rugged pieces such as plaid curtains and checkered fabrics from the 40's or fresh cyprus garlands. Blend your modern Crate & Barrel or sophisticated Pottery Barn pieces with playful reindeer ornaments, mossy terrariums filled snow capped model trees, homespun fabrics, and White Christmas inspired Vermont firewood bundles. Remember, you are aiming for a vintage feel in your home, not a vintage stage set for a play."

1. The use of gold in your holiday decor adds sparkle and class, taking the look up a notch. The lovely Starburst Mirror from the Home Depot is an affordable $34 and will add class to your home year-round. Make a glittery banner to add whimsy to your room or skip the mess and purchase this beauty for $18 on Etsy.

2. Ground playful pops of orange (DIY Noel Pillow) with traditional reds and plaids. Land of Nod and West Elm offer some a number of handsome, traditional looking stockings. It's important to remember you don't have to be matchy-matchy with color.

3. Offer comfortable, retro styled seating like this chair for $379 from Urban Outfitters. The aqua upholstery is a soothing complemnet to a high-charged holiday colorscape. In total, there are ten color options to choose from.

4. I am partial to fresh trees. Always have been, always will be. There is nothing like entering a pine-scented wonderland every time you walk through your front door. But, if the upkeep is a bit much and you are looking for an alternative to a fresh tree this year, then what's more vintage than a faux tree? Scared of the synthetic options out there? Check out this lovely, realistic-looking, pre-lit Vienna Twig Christmas Tree on Amazon. At a cool $59, you can't go wrong. 

5. Etsy, Ebay and your local thrift establishments are the perfect place to find shiny, vintage ornaments. Mix them with your more modern pieces for an effortless, retro-chic look.

5. For an easy DIY candle mantel piece or window sill showpiece, purchase plain, white, glass religious candles like these from your local dollar store and red stick-on letters. Spell out "Peace," "Joy," "Noel," "Christmas," the possibilities are endless. 

6. Restoration Hardware has a bevy of old-timey games like Dominoes and Scrabble. Buy a few as gifts, keep a few for holiday parties at your house!

7. Last, but not least, there is a nothing that highlights the true meaning of Christmas like a vintage nativity set.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Very Vintage Christmas rooms!

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