Christmas Sneak Peek

Christmas update from the Bradac household. We did get a table-topper tree and are loving it (best decision ever) and there are a number of other little Christmas vignettes I'm working on around the house. Here's a shot of one of them:

Simplest craft ever. I bottle of large grain glitter, some Elmer's glue, a plastic knife and the cardboard letters you can buy at Hobby Lobby for $2.47 a piece (unless you happen to get them half off like I did)! If you want to ensure the glitter stays on, you can spray some clear acrylic sealant on the letters, but it's optional. I was going to spell JOY, but wouldn't you know all the Y's were sold out. So, NOEL it is.

I'll soon be posting pics of our little tree and other holiday tidbits from our home!

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