We Bought a House! It's The Real Deal.

Well, it's now official! On Wednesday we closed on the house and it's finally starting to sink in. Not only do we live in Joplin, we own a house in Joplin. Okay, so it's not just an odd vacation anymore!

Last night we drove to Webb City, a neighboring town, to pick up a super-duper sweet trestle table that I found on Craigslist for $150. It's a ten year old Ethan Allen monstrosity. The thing is solid walnut, quite heavy and has a great worm woody, rustic look to it. Exactly what we had always envisioned having... Something that could withstand wear and tear and look better for it. One of its two leaves was damaged in the tornado, but if I know my handyman husband, he'll have no trouble fixing it. Either way, it's such a big table, there really isn't a need to have both leaves in unless we decide to invite the whole block over for a pilgrim style thanksgiving, which I wouldn't put past us... ;)

Collin telling us he's "soooo big!" Just like the table.

I'll be showing you some of my ideas for the dining room soon. For now, picture sandy taupe walls, a nice big jute rug, a mint green china cabinet and a different light fixture...

Chairs? You say?! Oh yeah, well, we'll figure that out! I am thinking of finding a bunch of random, mismatched chairs at Goodwill and painting them the same color, something like this with a bench on the one side (if you are reading this babe, I am kind of planning on you building us a bench)! 

We drove back from Webb City with the windows down, enjoying a balmy mid sixties night, stopping off pick up some local fare at Babe's Burgers and then on to our new, old house to set up the table! Couldn't help but feel so blessed.

We'll have our furniture sometime around the 15th of April. Looking forward to that, but in the meantime I am also excited we'll have some time to clean, paint and work on projects. 

Happy Good Friday! May you be confronted with the reality of just how good this day truly is, inspite of the darkness, because of what was accomplished for me and for you on the cross.

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