Easter Greetings

Happy Easter! He is Risen! Yesterday we had a lovely, sunshiny day in Joplin. My brother, who is doing a grad program about two hours away from us, was able to join us for church, Easter lunch and a day full of manual labor at our new old house. Yay for brothers! Collin loved hanging out with Uncle Jeff.

Here is an attempt at some Easter family photos. I'm learning to not expect much photo cooperation when it comes to a toddler. As you can see below, Collin did great for the first few minutes and then chaos ensued. 

Little man is sporting the most adorable bow tie made by Melanie from Lions and Ladies. I am in love with this shop! We have this yellow polka dot tie and a grey seersucker tie as well. They are super high quality, comfortable on little necks and easy to put and keep on a toddler, with convenient velcro backs. Collin didn't even try to take it off once we distracted him. Check out Melanie's shop here. She also makes men's bow ties and adorable accessories for girls.

Uncle Jeff!

Birdie and Duckie! Easter gifts from the grandmas and grandpas.

Failed attempts at a decent family shot. This is life right now. Haha!

And below, behold Exhibit A). Frazzled Parents!


  1. Great pictures! I'm glad the bow tie worked out. You have a beautiful family :)


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