Upstairs Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

Hi friends! One of the two upstairs bathrooms needs a bit of work. It's currently missing an essential fixture-- the sink. At first we thought we'd just replace the sink and be done with it for now, but upon closer inspection, Nick realized we'd need to open up the wall and deal with the old plumbing. So, since we have to open up the wall, we decided to actually fully renovate the bathroom now.

Bye bye stick on floor tiles and plywood faux wall tiles, covered in 900 layers of paint, bye bye window shutters, bye bye old electrical.

Now to the fun part! Below is an inspiration board for our W.C. It's a small bathroom as most bathrooms from the 20's are, so we had to carefully measure and plan out the space.

We found a restored claw foot on Craigslist last week and the owner of said tub is willing to sell it to us for a fourth of what you can usually find them for. We are, however, waiting for him to get back from a trip to send us more pictures from every angle before we can justify an hour and fifteen minute drive out to his home in Arkansas. I'm crossing my fingers on this. I really, really hope it works out. How cool would it be to be able to put a claw foot tub in this bathroom?! It would be doubly cool if we could paint the outside of it a dreamy shade of mint green.

Here is the bathroom in its current state. Not horrible, but not what it could be either. You can't see the tub, but it's a pretty standard, yellowed mid-century tub that has seen better days.

I'm all for keeping the existing ceiling light. We debated the merits of keeping the medicine cabinet, but ultimately it's not in the greatest of shape (especially on the inside). So, in order to preserve some of the bathroom's original, period details. I ordered a pair of art deco porcelain bathroom sconces off Etsy. Again, I keep finding the most amazing deals. I got the two for $28. I saw other identical pairs on Etsy and Ebay for upwards of $300. Score!

The new sink is on its way, due to be delivered by Friday. Like how the previous owner left us her claw clip on the towel rod? So nice of her. That's not all that was left. The medicine cabinet was full of gross toiletries. :/

So, I'm not entirely sure how long this project will take us, but I'll be updating the ol' blog with our progress, each step of the way!

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  1. That would be so cool if you got a claw footed tub!! That's the epitome of vintage!!! =)

    Best wishes on the bathroom remodel!! =)



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