Making a House a Home

Good Friday morning, friends! It's thunder-storming here in Joplin and, although the sun yesterday was nice and I am longing for warm weather, I rather enjoy sipping coffee as I watch the elements from inside my cozy home.

Speaking of home, two things this week made me feel like this is truly our home now. First, I baked. When you first move into a house, you may or may not spend a few days eating off paper plates and drinking out of a large, plastic Northside hospital mug, as you locate your proper dishes from the recesses of boxland. Then, things improve as you unpack the kitchen and start acting civilized again, at least in your food consumption habits. But you have not, dear reader, truly made your house a home until you use a major appliance to prepare a meal. That could be the blender, crockpot, food processor, or in my case, the Kitchenaid Mixer.

On Wednesday I was invited by my new friend Amber to an informal gathering of mammas and I decided it was time to do what I would normally do in my home, make a fun treat! What sounded good? Something fruity and spring-like. So, I whipped up this delicious recipe for Banana Pineapple Cake. I always consider it a feat to find a recipe that does not require me to go grocery shopping for ingredients!

You know what else has made this house feel like a home this week? Plants! Not only do they improve the air quality, they make everything feel fresher, more lived in. I am loving my adorable, mid-century dachshund planter, "Doxi," from Phoebe's Treasure Chest. This Etsy shop is full of vintage trinkets and ephemera from letterpress blocks to scrapbooking supplies to puppy figurines. Please check out Michele's fabulous shop and scoop up some of her vintage goodies while they last.

Our pantry/hallway window felt like the perfect spot for a succulent filled Doxi and vintage melmac sugar bowl.

Tonight we are having our first real dinner party here in Joplin! I guess, in our case especially, having people over is another big step towards making this house a home. Some sweet, new friends are going to come over to warm our house over tapas. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I wish I were coming to this dinner party! Have a great evening. So glad home is getting homier every day!


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