Sneak Peek at Things Coming Together

So, we've offcially been in this house for 9 days and it's, slowly but surely, starting to feel like home. While I am so, so grateful Nick's company paid for packers and movers (don't know if I can ever go back to moving the normal way), I can't tell you how many trees must have been sacrificed to wrap and box our entire house in Georgia. The funny thing is, they must have to really cover their bums for liability reasons because every.stinking.thing was wrapped in five sheets of paper. While that is most certainly useful for fragile items, the over-wrapping of a single woodden spoon or a small, plastic toy is a bit ridiculous. Hence, the unwrapping of every.stinking.thing has taken quite some time. We'll get there!

In the meantime, I've managed to put a few areas of our home together! My utilitarian husband, if he had it his way, would not decorate a stitch of this house until everything was unpacked, but come on! Mamma's gotta nest! And he admits, the homey touches, in the midst of boxland, have been nice. And really, boxland is almost gone, save the upstairs guest room/attic storage staging dump.

So, according to my calculations, about one full weekend away from feeling settled. I say weekend because the amount accomplished during the day, by myself with a toddler, while Nick is at work is not always the greatest. Yesterday I kicked some serious booty by organizing the hall closet and completely finishing Collin's room, all whilst keeping him from setting the house on fire. Other days haven't all been so productive in the unpacking area, especially since I'm still simultaneously running a business, but we have been learning to give ourselves extra helpings of grace at the Bradac house-- be it myself and the long list of things that don't always get accomplished or Nick whose new job is wonderful, but also overwhelming at times.

Take a peek at some finished vignettes:

One corner of Little Man's room.

Gallery walls can be dangerous... Especially for those of the "more is more" inclination like myself. Eventually I just had to cut myself off, ignoring the cries of "Look at me! I'm a gaping open hole, fill me! Fill me too!"

I mainly just took this pic to show you the fun new light we got on sale at the Home Depot! This area will be our dual purposed sunroom/office. I'll have some shots on here of the awesome shelving Nick built me soon.

Millie seems pretty comfortable with her new station, which gives her a birdseye view of the front door...

Stay tuned for a yummy Banana Pineapple Cake recipe and my super cute Dachshund planter!

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