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Happy Monday!

After a fun and productive weekend, I was up with the birds, getting things squared up for the week ahead. Here are a few housekeeping items I've been wanting to share for a while, but just haven't gotten around to it. 

First off, I was turned on to an amazing organization called Art Feeds by a very special young lady, Olivia (<<< How cute is she?) who has babysat for us, is one of Collin's awesome Sunday school teachers and also an intern at Art Feeds (I know, busy lady). Art Feeds exists to mobilize creative healing and encourage creative development in Joplin. They conduct mobile programs within schools and after school programs on a consistent basis with elementary students who have undergone trauma and overcome obstacles. As you can imagine, there have been many lasting effects of the May 2011 tornado and the physical clean-up is only the very beginning of the healing process for this city. So much attention goes to an area in the immediate aftermath of a disaster like this, but there is such a strong need for on-going, sustainable care-- especially for the kiddos involved. The programs use therapeutic art and creative education that comes free of cost to the participating students and schools.

Here is how our giving can help:

  • $1 provides one deserving student an Art Feeds lesson
  • $10 provides the essential Art Feeds Art Pack given to every child at the launch of our programs
  •  $22 provides the average classroom with their lesson cost for the week
  • $46 provides one child with Art Feeds programs for one school year
  • $250 provides our average school with lessons for every student for the week
  • $792 provides a classroom and all its students with Art Feeds programs for the entire school year
  • $1000 Provides lessons for 1,000 students

  • Would you consider joining me in continuing to make this amazing program available to the children of Joplin? Please visit Olivia's fundraiser page here.

    Secondly, per request, I am sharing a better pic of Collin's cute tee from Gretta's Organic. This shot was taken about a month and a half ago. I was going to snap a new one of him in the tee now, but guess what? He's outgrown it! I seriously cannot keep up with his crazy growth spurts! Definitely  check out these shirts and consider snagging a few for your kiddos or as gifts. They are so soft (click on the link to Gretta's shop to see the fun, flip-up bellies on these tees).

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    1. that cardigan - oh my goodness. totally adorable!


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