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I love HGTV Star. I started watching a few seasons ago when Emily Henderson, my most favorite designer ever, was crowned the winner. I'll admit, no other designer thus far shares my design taste, but I still enjoy following the creatively frenzied competition. Since we don't have cable, once a week I watch an episode on my iPad, typically while sitting on the closed toilet as Collin plays in the tub (every other night is bath night these days, thankfully he loves playing with water)!

This season is serving up a hearty helping of rivalry, synergy and paint colors gone wrong. I love reality shows that focus on the skills of the competitors under pressure and I love imagining how I would have put my personal spin on a particular challenge. How cool would it be to have an unlimited budget?! The downside would be not having very much time to make your vision a reality. It must be so agonizing to pour all their blood, sweat and tears into a room, only to have to drop everything they are doing at the sound of "Designers, your time is up." Ahh! It would just stink to leave a room, never having had the chance to adjust that last wonky throw pillow or peel the plastic off a mirror!

If you haven't tuned in thus far, you can catch up on the episodes here. It airs on Sunday nights on HGTV at 8/7 Central and is viewable online the next day.

The final four and remaining designers are:

Anne Rue

Of all the designers this season, Anne seems to have the whole package. She is both at ease and knowledgable on camera and skilled in cohesive, luxurious design with a twist. 

Here is a shot from the last episode's challenge. Anne and her team partner were tasked with making over a sorority common room. I was really impressed with her framed wallpaper installation of the sorority's crest and her risk to use a slightly more orangey red in the room's design, given the sorority's color was actually a cherry red.

The problem with Anne, in my opinion, is that her confidence and take-charge attitude can read frigid and un-approachable. Not exactly the relatable persona I'd think HGTV is looking to give a show.

Brooks Atwood

This quirky design professor with an industrial/off-the wall approach has been, by far, the most interesting designer to watch this season.

In the first episode, we saw Brooks' personality and style stand out above the other designers as he juxtaposed Pepto Bismal pink, vintage elements and taxidermy to make a quirky and impressive display.

I don't think he'll win. He's just too much of a loose canon when it comes to camera challenges and I don't know if his appeal is broad enough for the HGTV soccer mom market. We'll see. I do like him and his style, though...

Jeribai Tascoe

By far one of the more versatile designers this season. Jeribai is a jack of all trades from graphic to interior designer to carpenter and handy man. He's got a sleek, masculine style.

Jeribai is a family man and when there was a challenge to design for a real family, I appreciated his desire to keep family-friendly design in the fore-front of the other designer's mind. Here is a shot of the backsplash he designed and installed in a family's home. Most of his work is a bit too modern/generic for my taste, but he's always delivering high-quality work.

The reasons I don't think he'll take the prize- 1. He's spent much too much time on specific handy-man type projects and hasn't put forth his personal style (he seems to let the other designers dictate what he should do), 2. The judges don't think his on-camera challenges are all that great (I don't think they are bad, he's real and likeable, but I can see how he lacks a little spark). 

Tiffany Brooks

Okay, I'll just be up-front and say she's my pick! I love Tiffany's easy-going, unflappable personality and I feel her design choices have been, for the most part, really sound and fresh. 

Take a look at this awesome gallery wall. I loved how she and Brooks transformed a vanilla apartment into a great marriage of sophistication and edge (her contributions being the more sophisticated elements in the space).

So, hop on the HGTV Star bandwagon if you aren't already on it! If you have been following along, let me know your thoughts! Who is your favorite designer? Who do you think will win?

P.S. This last photo feels telling. I will take my predictions one step further by saying I think we'll be seeing Brooks and Tiffany in the final two. 

P.S.S. Anyone else bothered by that off-kilter lampshade? 

All photos courtesy of HGTV

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  1. i really enjoyed that show, too! i loved brooks. his style was so fun! but i also liked the girl that one. she was cute. :)


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