Collin's New Big Boy Room

We finally finished up Collin's big boy room. He loves it! I was prepared for the transition to big boy bed to be a long, hard road, but we are going on a month now and it has been relatively painless. He does a pretty good job of staying in bed at night. Getting up super early because of the daylight savings change... well that's another story, but I'm just happy to have the crib freed up for our second little bean who is due in six weeks! Crazy!

The nursery isn't finished, but I thought to share Collin's new room with you now.

What we originally had planned to be the nursery ended up being a much better room for Collin, due to its size and play space. Babies mostly just sleep and don't do a lot of freestyle playing in their rooms for the first year anyways and Collin's room would be a good place for his brother to move into if we have more kids in the future.

So, do you remember the electric blue walls and the gaudy crystal chandelier ceiling mounted fixture in this room? My eyes water just thinking about it! I've searched high and low and can't find an original photo of the room. Bummer. It's fun to compare, but you'll just have to imagine it.

Without further ado, I bring you Collin's new big boy room!

We decided to stick with his zoo theme, but grow it up a bit. I had lots of fun scavenging thrift stores and antique malls for fun, vintage touches. 

Nick, my handyman extraordinaire husband, built Collin's big boy bed. He did such a great job. I'm so proud of him! He built it so that he can easily make another, identical bed to serve as a future bunk bed for our two boys. I'm excited to think of the stories and fun memories they'll have in these beds-- making pirate ships, hanging Christmas lights from the headboard, most likely throwing their smelly gym bags under the bed. Good times ahead!

I love me some gingham and I love the robin's egg blue gingham duvet I found on Land of Nod!

The retro-tastic chair was a $5 thrift store find. I put up a picture of it on Instagram when I was debating whether or not to buy it and the response was mixed. Ultimately, I decided we couldn't lose by springing the $5 and taking it home. It was in pretty good shape and just ugly enough to be kind of fabulous, in my opinion. Someday we'll either reupholster it or swap it out, but for now, it's a really comfy story chair. 

Collin's cubby, also built by Daddy, makes a reappearance. It's not as full as usual, seeing as how many of his toy baskets end up migrating downstairs to the living room. ;)

I used a mixture of vintage finds and vintage heirloom books in his open shelving. The Three Little Puppies and Town Mouse Country Mouse were originally my dad's and the My Goodnight Book was mine when I was a little girl.

Here is Collin's reading nook and below, Collin reading in his reading nook. The yellow wall shelf is a former church pew rack.

Sweet boy is already wearing his 3T Christmas jammies. I just hope they still fit him in a month when it's actually Christmas time!


  1. I love this room! Found your blog through your bandana bib tutorial:)

    1. Thanks soZealous! Do you by chance know Aanna Greer? She's my friend here in Joplin and I realized that she shared your blog on her FB wall a few days ago!

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