Killian's Circus Nursery

My original plan was to write this post in early December, but Killian surprised us by coming three weeks early. You may recognize the room as being Collin's former room. We decided to make the bigger room Collin's big boy room, seeing as how he'd actually be playing in there and, for now, Killian would just be sleeping in his room.

The paint color was formerly a pea green that did nothing for your completion or mood. It was nice to brighten the small space up with this lovely shade of grey by Behr called Dolphin Fin. I can't say enough about this grey. It's the perfect mix between cool and warm.

Since it's such a long room, there was room to keep a guest bed. I have to say, it's one of my favorite features of the nursery. A great spot to read, nurse the baby, fold baby clothes or take a cat nap. Furthermore, it gives us a place to house guests, should we need it. We'd just have K sleep in our room if we had people staying over.

I had originally thought about doing a lions and lambs theme, but ultimately decided going with a vintage circus theme would allow me to re-use a lot of Collin's zoo nursery items and then, down the road when they share a room, their themes could mesh well.

 I found a book on Ebay called 100 Years of Circus Posters From Around the World for a total of $12 and framed a few prints. Can't beat vintage artwork for that price!

 There is already another closet in the room, so I used this space as a changing nook. I snagged some cheap, wire locker baskets on ebay to story diapers and swaddling blankets. The vintage suitcases have been collected over the years.

 Couldn't find a strongman print I liked, so I designed the one above. You can buy it, along with other vintage circus prints in my Etsy shop.

This shot  below was taken a day or two after we got home from the hospital. It perfectly showcases Collin's curiosity with his new brother!

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  1. oh my goodness! totally adorable! i love every single little detail! great job!!


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