It's Swanderful

You know what I find beautiful? Swans. They are so graceful and pure looking and have a sort of vintage charm. I think they should be the next en-vogue animal for children's nurseries, toys and clothing. Or maybe not... maybe I don't want them to become trendy. Maybe that would take away their allure for me! Or maybe they already are trendy and that's why they have stood out to me. Oy... Either way, I love them and I think these shots will make you love them to.

Take a look at Ilona Jongepier's beautiful portfolio. 
She is such an amazing story-telling photographer!

(source unknown)

If you are interested in taking a ride on a swan boat 
and just so happen to find yourself in Japan, go to Lake Ashi.

Becca Stadtlander is one of my new favorite illustrators. 
Check out her work here.

Disneyland's Swan Boat in the 1970's.

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