Happy Weekend and a Giveaway!

Hi sweet friends,

Do you have much planned for the weekend? We always seem to do a lot of projects on Saturdays and then church on Sunday morning, a chili dinner with friends and small group on Sunday night. On Monday I'll be doing a stations of the cross type prayer night with the ladies at my church. I'm super excited. We have a great team of women behind each station and my husband is even helping by building a cross out of cedar. He is chiseling each beam by hand and when I asked why he didn't just use a saw he said, "It's kind of important for me to do it this way... It means something." Gah, I love him and his heart for Jesus.

I love this shot, even though it's super blurry:)

Since the fall Collin has been battling lots of ear infections, coughs, colds and now enlarged tonsils. I'm taking him back to the Dr. today because I finally got him to open up wide enough to look down his throat and his tonsils are so big they are almost touching his uvula. Poor baby! Our ped is most likely referring him to an ENT to discuss getting his tonsils out and tubes put in. Your prayers for him are appreciated. Have any other of you moms out there ever dealt with these procedures with a toddler? How did they handle it? You insights are appreciated!

Well, I thought it had been a long time since I'd given something away on here, so I'm offering up a brand new Mobillivng iPhone 5 case. It's a hard case with diagonal gold and white stripes and this particular style is discontinued. Super cute! If you are anything like me, your case takes a beating and needs to be changed out from time to time. Swap yours for this springy/summerish number!

To for entries, follow me on both my Instagram accounts:




and leave a comment on here that you follow in all three places.

Winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, April 15th.

Good luck and happy weekend!



  1. I follow you in all those places! :) I loooove the gold case!

  2. I'm following you! Love the case.

  3. I'm following you on all 3! I can't get enought!!


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