Laundrypalooza and a Giveaway Winner

Today was laundrypalooza. I decided to call it something fun to make my most loathed chore more enjoyable. A crazy weekend and Monday on the heels of a crazy week (and also some procrastinating) made for a clothes pile of epic proportions. Poor Collin had to wear chambray shorts to bed because all of his jammies were dirty and I had resorted to wiping up Killian's spit up with dish towels. Mom fail! 

So, today I put on my big girl pants (oh wait... those were dirty too), I put on my big girl leggings that I typically wear as long underwear when it's cold out and I did five large loads including sheets towels and diapers. They are now all done and almost all put away. I won't go into the boys rooms right now and risk waking them just to put the last load in their drawers, but man do I feel good. 

I tell myself that if my laundry room wasn't a creepy basement, if it had a chandelier in it or cool concrete countertops like this in it I'd be much more apt to want to spend time near my washer and dryer, but let's be honest. The novelty of my cute laundry room would wear off pretty quickly and I'd be back to loathing.

After letting it get this bad (and you may think five loads is nothing... especially if you have more than two children) I am determined to set a system in place. What works for you? Do you have a laundry day? I kind of feel like if I don't do a load a day, things spiral out of control. How do you keep on top of things in your home? I do so long to get better at it.

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! Allie is the winner of the gold and white iPhone case. Message me via FB to claim your prize. Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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