I Heart Hoop Wall Art

There is, perhaps, no better way to display lovely, vintage fabric than to stretch it on to an embroidery hoop, add embelishments (vintage buttons, jewelry, embroidery, appliques, etc) and hang it on your wall. Here are a few examples from my own home:

I have plenty of extra fabric and vintage buttons, so all of these hoops can also be purchased in my shop:)

Check out a tutorial here.

These are a few hoop wall art groupings that have me itching to make more!

Ideas for your own hoop wall art:

- Vintage screenprinted t-shirts, perhaps a sentimental scrap of fabric from one of Grandpa's old shirts
- Upholstry squares (they are cheap and the perfect size--not to mention durable)
- Chalkboard oilcloth fabric (purchase here) for writing notes!
-Vintage curtains, sheets, or pillowcases offer super fun and funky patterns (especially barkcloth!)

Embellish with:

-Vintage buttons (easy to find at flea markets or in Gram's sewing basket)
-Criscrossed ribbon (ala french memo board) and insert photos and ticket stubs!
-Cutout appliques-- cut out a heart, flower, or any other shape from fabric, rustically stitch it
to the canvas and leave a bit of room to insert batting before you stitch it up
(it makes for an adorable 3-D hoop)
-Vintage jewelry (clip the posts off of large, round earings and hot glue on to fabric,
affix a strand of beads or faux pears to the rim of the hoop)
-Silhouette cutouts, in black or contrasting fabric, of your loved ones or favorite shapes

Feel free to comment with your own ideas for hoop wall art decor!


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