My $7 Entryway Makeover

So, yesterday I ventured out to run an errand and found myself lured by the fluorescent garage and estate sale signs on many a street corner in Marietta. What a delight to have scored a bundle of beautiful vintage upholstry fabric for $1, a pale blue bulletin board for $1 and the best..... A 1940's (possibly older) Royal Typewriter for $5. I know! How wonderful is that?! The gentleman hosting the garage sale didn't want to haul it in his move, so it was a win-win situation.

"A British Woven Union Linen Screen Print" is written across the bottom of the fabric panels.

I rushed home and gathered a few items I already owned, plus my new finds and made over our entry way. To affix the linen to the bulletin board, I used brass upholstry nails (they run you about $2 at a hardware store).

Voila! And only for $7... I am a happy woman:)


  1. What great finds - love the fabric!

  2. Wonderful finds for sure! Love them! Adding the fabric to the bulletin board is a great idea! The fabric bulletin board and typewriter look stunning together!

  3. Love it! Old typewriters are my fav. And I love what you did with the upholstery tacks. VERY smart. I've been thinking of doing something similar my self but I never would have thought of upholstery tacks.

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