Easy DIY's with Fabric Scraps

Admit it. You have a big bag of fabric and fabric scraps that you keep "meaning to do something with." My bag o' scraps grows almost weekly. It's a real problem. Garage sales, thrift shops, and the fabric store (of course) relentlessly taunt me with their beautiful textiles and patterns. I succumb to a vintage gingham in blue or perky seersucker in kelly green. My failure to actually use some of the swatches is partially due to the fact that I secretly fear messing up a project and ruining the fabric forever! Here are a few projects that have me inspired to A. Be brave and do something with my stash, and B. learn to sew.

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6. DIY Fabric Hoop Wall Art (I have these all over my office wall. Love 'em!)


  1. Oh my goodness! These ideas are awesome! I love the flowers and necklace - but I have about 10 coffee tins sitting in my kitchen and I have been wondering how to snazz them up to use them for storage. DUH. I have so much fabric that I can use. HURRAY!

  2. I am so right there with you on not wanting to cut up fabric! I only buy fabric if I absolutely love it, and if I use it then I might not ever be able to get it again. Plus I just love looking at my stacks of coordinating fabric! Althought this last week I've started using my 'scraps' of vintage/found fabrics for buntings and covered buttons. It's quite liberating!

  3. So I returned to this post and decided to share it in my blog : http://hurraykimmay.blogspot.com/2010/10/craft-project-lovin-diy-shares-for.html

    Thanks again for such great ideas!


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