Bathroom Progress and New Design Directions

If you've been following for a while, you may remember me first blogging about our upstairs bathroom remodel last summer. Well, it's taken quite a while to get to the point where we are at. That's the reality when your hubby is doing all the work himself. He works 50+ hours a week so it all has to happen on weeknights and weekends and we've often had other things going on. It just takes a little longer when you aren't hiring out the work. 

I am so proud of Nick. He has completely redone all the electrical wiring, installed a ceiling vent fan, redone the plumbing, gutted it down to the studs, re-dry walled the walls and ceiling and put all the prep in place for tiling. I'm sure I'm leaving certain steps out. Did I mention stud? ;) 

I'll post a full montage of photos when we finish, but for now, check out our floor that our friend Lane helped him do last week. I'm loving the 2 inch black hex tile! Super happy about this choice for flooring. Oh and the red stuff is not blood, it's a flexible sealant of sorts called Red Guard.

Over the months, my design ideas for this space have changed a bit. Originally I wanted to use a lot of mint green in this room. Now, I've decided to make citron yellow and a warm, orangey red our primary colors. I've already ordered our shower curtains from West Elm (we'll need two to wrap around the claw foot tub). These are them and I was able to snatch them up while they were on sale:

The walls will be white subway tile up halfway with white paint up the second half. Super light and clean. I'm also planning on using my collection of amber, antique medicine bottles for knick knacks and perhaps a hanging plant in the corner. A black industrial gooseneck light will go over the medicine cabinet which is, by the by, a cool shade of dove gray!

I can't wait to put it all together and have a bathtub to bathe our kiddos in again. Currently Killian gets sink baths and Collin gets showers, which he hates! 

All in good time. Stay tuned for the results!


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