Our Mid Mod, Mish Mash Living Room

I've always had a penchant for Mid-Century Modern design. Did you know that this style spanned three decades (1945-1965)? Its origins were a development out of Frank Lloyd Wright's principles. I had the opportunity to live in historic Oak Park, IL, for a few years, where his home/studio and several of his masterpiece houses still stand... Just blocks away from my old brownstone apartment. I have such good memories from my time in the OP!

The Mid-Century Modern style was made accessible as it was used to bring a fresh touch to homes built in post WWII suburbs. The look can also be seen in interior furniture pieces such as simplistic and sleek Scandinavian pieces and the work of the influential designers the Eames, after which the Eames Era was named.

I can, however, only handle so much of this look. I'm not a purist. I need some movement and detail or else things start looking too much like the Jetson's. I love pairing Mid-Century design with softer period pieces from the early 40's- mid 50's. I've done a BIT of that in our living room so far. This what we've come up with on a limited, newlywed budget! I'm actually thankful we don't have the money to buy all new things because then our home would be infinitely more vanilla and cookie-cutter:)

The rug and couch were free, so we worked around them. Nick picked up the chairs, funky lamps, and record console at an estate sale when he lived out in Fresno (good job, huh?) and the teak, mid century dresser is a $40 Craigslist find and our knick knacks are either heirlooms or thrift store finds. I've kept the color scheme pretty simple: Aqua, Rust, Oatmeal, Gold, and a bit of Navy to anchor the room. The paint color is Martha Stewart's Ice Melt, sold at the Home Depot.

Come on in and stay a while!

Our stairs are my favorite part of the house:)

This pic doesn't quite capture the charm of the gold lamp shade...

Our $40 Craigslist find. A beautiful mid century teak dresser!

This is a special vase. It was made by my Great Uncle Birger Åström, a well-known Swedish, ceramicist. He's really kept the whole mid mod look alive in his work.

We found this big empty frame with FABULOUS gold paint and loads of patina, leaned up against a dumpster. The only logical thing to then do would be to set our camera on a ledge and snap a pic in the frame:) We were engaged at the time. Gosh my hair was short!

The record console Nick picked up at an estate sale. I love estate sales. They are especially great when your style is "granny chic," like mine:) That's my husband's Raggedy Andy from when he was little. Can't be too serious in my decor;) Oh, and yes I've surrounded the candles in the hurricane vases with walnuts.

Thanks for your visit. Come again soon!



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"Springtime, the Only Pretty Ringtime, Birds Sing, a ding a ding, Sweet Lovers Love..."

Hello friends,

Thought I would share a few pics that I took outside our little farmhouse on Monday. If I could do away with the pollen, I'd say that my first springtime in Georgia has been idyllic!


Boho Folk Vintage

Lately my eye has been catching homespun quilts, cheery florals, mismatched furniture, and kitschy folkloric knick knacks. This quote, I believe, sums up the look:
"The word "bohemian" once referred to a lifestyle, but today it tells the story of a type of interior decorating in which vintage items are reused, giving them new life next to new pieces. It's also about mixing decorating styles full of intricate patterns, textures and rich colors set against a more neutral color palette. Nature is always brought into the room with plants or candles that provide a dusk-like glow. Bohemian decor is always original, showing passion and ingenuity while reflecting back, in part at least, on the 1920s and 1930s (source)."
A few things to consider, when aiming for a bohemian vibe:

1. Mix and match furniture- As counterintuitive as that may be, a room cannot be matchy matchy and bohemian at the same time. Break yourself of the need to coordinate and you'll be well on your way to becoming a boho chic decorator extraordinaire. Paint an ornate, old dresser cobalt blue and pair it with a lemon colored mid-century modern chair, a white wicker nightstand and a brass bed. A few modern pieces like a clean lined mirror will help bring the room together and ensure that doesn't end up looking like a rummage sale.

3. Make sure to bring in a few international souvenirs from your travels or grandma's house like a Swesish dala horse (as pictured above), an Indian sari, and a Pourtuguese paper mache rooster. Cost Plus World Market sells wonderful hanging Moroccan lanterns.

4. Mix colors, patterns, and textures. This will help to bring balance to a room. A good blend of natural colors and fabrics with rich and deep florals will make your room pop. Magenta or turquoise paisley pillows paired with vintage feedsack pillows will look divine.

2. Feeling like you can't quite achieve the laid back, folksy vibe? Bring in elements from nature. Mount a large piece of drift wood over your fireplace or sofa, boost your indoor plant collection, and hang your necklaces from branches.

Here are a few shots that inspire me. What I most enjoy about these rooms is that they are totally workable and prove that you don't need to build a tent in your living room to snag that vintage, boho vibe!

I always have trouble spacing pics on the wall. Grouping them closely and randomly solves that dilema!


Time to channel your inner-gypsy and get your folk on with affordable items from online retailers and Etsy sellers.

Drink Happy Vintage Decorative Glasses from Etsy seller objetpepita, $16
Amy Butler Fabric Floor Cushion from Etsy seller branchandbirdie, $72

Vintage Turquoise Pyrex Bowl from Etsy seller soniesuellc, $12.50

Mantadia Curtain from Anthropologie, $228

Bamboo Birdcage from Etsy seller sweetshorn, $78

Vintage Wool Rug from Etsy seller topsydesign, $265

Vintage Matyroshka Dolls from Etsy seller thelostandfoundshop, $8
Cage Hanging Pendant Lantern by Etsy seller mostazaseed, $28

Retro Lime Laundry Basket/ Table from Etsy seller reclaimthethrone, $175

Vintage Hankies Bunting Garland by Etsy seller poppylarity, $45

Rustic Orange Enamel Tea Kettle from Etsy seller the cottagecheese, $24

3 Legged Stump Stool/ Plant Stand by Etsy seller bearpawrustics, $35

Cross Stitch Magnets by Rice dk, $5

Vintage Funny Bird Shaker from Etsy seller youareyou, $12


Vintage Touches in a Portland Home

My friend Robyn has such great style. I am constantly amazed at her ability to group and arrange vintage and salvaged items in her home, so I thought to share some of that magic with you. Behold her Sellwood (Portland), OR home.

I was in her neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago and was pleased to enjoy bubble tea, and catch up, and celebrate our friend Erin's grad school thesis completion! By the time we got back to her house it was too dark for me to snap some pics, so I asked her to send some my way when she had a chance. These are a few of the many cute nooks in her house. She modestly only sent me five frames.

P.S., if you don't know what bubble tea is, please look it up. P.P.S, I have yet to find a place to buy bubble tea in Atlanta and it saddens me:( If you know of such an establishment, please fill me in!

Okay, on to Robyn's lovely vintage groupings!

Old books? Check, check, check!

These are what I believe to be called rosettes, salvaged from old staircases. Brilliant!

Succulents in an old enamelware soup toureen and conch shells. How cool:)

She has a melmac collection. I knew we were friends for a reason!


Oh, Good You're Still There!

Dearest friends,

 Contrary to popular belief, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I'm traveling this week for work and spending a bit of time with family too! When I return home, there is lots to do! An abundance of orders for my Etsy colander lamps, cage lanterns, and earring racks have come in. Woohoo! Stay tuned for a house tour of my friend Robyn's adorable Sellwood - Portland home, all things folkcloric and fabulously vintage, and pics from the baby shower I threw my friend Andie!

Much love,



Yellow? Yes Please!

Last night we had the Doughty's, our wonderful friends from church, over for dinner. I made lemon sorbet balls for dessert and fogot to take a pic before they were all eaten up, so here's an example of what they looked like! If you are wondering, they are super easy to make. Cut a lemon in half, empty the fruit out, and scoop some lemon or lime sorbet into the emptied peel. Use the small side of a cheese grater to scrape a little lemon rind off the bottom (it gives the lemon a flatter bottom so it won't tip over) and sprinkle it on the top. Freeze and enjoy with gingersnap cookies. The perfect summer treat!

It got me thinking how I've always been a big fan of the color yellow. Depending on the shade, it can be soft, sunny, peppy, or sophisticated. I was even tempted to have yellow bridesmaids dresses in my wedding last May, but then went with robin's egg blue dresses and yellow flowers and accents.

This year, the happy shade is all over the runways and the home trend of pairing yellow with dove grey is white hot! I'm a big fan of yellow with cocoa brown, yellow with fuchsia, yellow with coral, and yellow with aqua (my blog is proof).

Here are a few vintage inspired rooms that exhibit walls, furniture, and miscellaneous pops of delightful yellow!

So, as you can see, you don't have to paint a room to make yellow the focal color. Pops of maize, goldenrod, canary, butter, and citron will help you achieve the desired look. Ready for some pops of yellow? Here you go. You're welcome:)

1960's Chrome and Yellow Chair from Etsy seller lifeinstages, $25

Pair of Mustard Vintage Table Lamps from Etsy seller atouchofvintage, $42

Vintage Yellow Daisy Tablecloth in Vinyl from Etsy seller thequeenoffre, $8

Oval Yellow Windsong Floral Clock with Pendulum by Etsy seller theredbungalow, $45

Take Me Anywhere Suitcase Pillow by Etsy seller olive, $45

Vintage Rotary Telephone in Butter Cream Yellow from Etsy seller thequeenoffre, $25

Cast Iron Skillet in Lemon Yellow from Etsy seller nerdnest, $42

Spiral Vine Curtain in Ochre from Anthropologie, $98

Minute Egg Timer by Mirro from Etsy seller applejar, $11

Vintage Yellow Floral Teacups from Etsy seller binspiredvintage, $12

Vintage Patchwork Quilt from Etsy seller healthyhomefabrics, $125

Vintage Table Metal Stand from Etsy seller bluebonnetfields, $72
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